Back by popular demand! TechKnowledge attendees can “disrupt” their day by attending alternative programming in Forum 22-23. Sessions will include an xAPI showcase, a fail jam, the opportunity to see augmented reality in action, and more! You will have a chance to interact and be a part of each session. See the full the schedule of events and descriptions and take advantage of some unique offerings.

Wednesday 11:30 a.m.–12:15 p.m.
xAPI Showcase

You’ve no doubt heard of the Experience API (or xAPI, formerly known as Tin Can). But, you might be asking yourself how you can use xAPI to leverage its unique capabilities for your learning solutions. In this session, you’ll see real-world examples of solutions that utilize xAPI. You will have the opportunity to discuss your ideas for using xAPI with people who are actively working with the specification.
Megan Torrance

Wednesday 3–3:45 p.m.
Collaborative Design Studio

Design studio is a methodology popularized by Lean UX, in which long, detailed design cycles are eschewed in favor of short, iterative, low-fidelity cycles, with feedback coming from all members of the implementation team early and often. Get hands-on practice using this collaborative design method that engages your stakeholders to create the best possible solution for meeting the outcomes you’ve defined.
Brian Dusablon, Sarah Gilbert, and Becca Wilson

Wednesday 4:15–5 p.m.
GO VIRAL! Activating Knowledge Sharing Behaviors at Work

Imagine an ecosystem in which your employees reliably have access to the information needed to do their jobs. What if the answer was always just a keyword search away? How would this improve your ability to support learning and performance? Join the discussion as we break down what makes tools like Google, YouTube, and Wikipedia so helpful in our everyday lives. Bring your insights, challenges, and best practices as we identify the principles and technology that can help organizations tear down their information silos and enable their employees through shared knowledge.
JD Dillon

Thursday 11:15 a.m.–12 p.m.
AR and VR in Action

New technology is making augmented reality and virtual reality (AR and VR, respectively) learning experiences more accessible than ever. Disrupt your day and see some actual learning and performance support solutions in action. The best part? You will have an opportunity to get your hands on the technology and experience augmented and virtual reality for yourself!
Chad Udell and Koreen Pagano

Thursday 2:15–3 p.m.
Collaboration Tool Showcase

Sure, you know Outlook, Word, and Skype. But how is the new generation of tools and technologies allowing us to collaborate and get work done? We’ll showcase some of these newer tools like Slack and discuss how they can be used in the workplace for learning and collaboration.
JD Dillon and Rick Lozano

Thursday 3:30–4:15 p.m.
Fail Jam

Come share your biggest “fail” related to technology and learning, what you learned from it, and how it influenced your future projects. Led by a moderator, this session shows that sometimes the best payoff comes from a failed attempt.
Becca Wilson