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2015 Keynote Speakers

Aaron Dignan 

Aaron Dignan
Author, Digital Strategist and Founding Partner

Aaron Dignan is a well-kept secret in the world of digital strategy. He works directly with many Fortune 100 leadership teams to help their organizations succeed in a world where digital forces are disrupting decades of tradition.

In early 2007, he co-founded the internationally recognized digital strategy firm Undercurrent with two partners—well-known blogger and World Economic Forum YGL Josh Spear and Boulder-based entrepreneur Rob Schuham. Undercurrent has since established a reputation as a premier digital strategy firm grown by referral alone due to an extreme non-disclosure policy and a resistance to press. Clients past and present include GE, PepsiCo, JWT/Ford Motor Company, Virgin, AB/InBev, Disney, HBO, LiveNation, Don Q Rum, and many others. With 24 consultants, Undercurrent represents the largest collection of pure digital strategists in one place and it’s still growing. While the firm typically eschews awards of any kind, its work with JWT/Team Detroit and Ford—called the Fiesta Movement—was awarded a Gold Effie. Undercurrent’s vision is to build an organization capable of solving the world’s most complex and challenging problems with a digital worldview.

While still a psychology student at the University of Colorado at Boulder, Aaron co-founded Brandplay, a brand strategy partnership. Brandplay focused on early stage brand planning and naming, and had clients across the United States. Thanks to his experience leading hundreds of the company’s group meetings and workshops, Aaron mastered the art of facilitation and consensus building.

Aaron is known as a dynamic, humorous, and strikingly honest presenter. He has been known to invigorate and confound audiences with presentations such as Digital as a Force for Cultural Change, Lessons From the Fringe of Digital Trends, Design Without Intent, The Game of Life, and Solving Problems With a Digital Worldview. He has delivered speeches, presentations, and training at GE’s Leadership Development Center, the CUSP Conference, the TED Conference, Digital Hollywood, Web 2.0, CommunityNEXT, Columbia College, The University of Colorado, Interesting New York, and dozens of national brands.

Aaron is the author of Game Frame: Using Games as a Strategy for Success, which was released in early 2011.

Tan Le

Dyer Headshot
Tan Le
Founder and CEO
Emotiv Lifesciences

Tan Le is founder and CEO of Emotiv Lifesciences, a bioinformatics company, advancing the understanding of the human brain and early identification of biomarkers for mental and other neurological conditions through electroencephalography (EEG). She is a technology innovator, entrepreneur, business executive, and sought-after speaker.

In 2003, Le co-founded Emotiv, and developed a breakthrough interface technology for digital media taking inputs directly from the brain. Applications for the Emotiv technology and interface span an amazing variety of potential industries, including gaming, interactive television, everyday computer interactions, hands-free control systems, smart adaptive environments, art, accessibility design, market research, psychology, medicine, robotics, automotive, transport safety, defense, and security. Today, Emotiv's award-winning technology is a recognized world leader and pioneer in the field of brain computer interface, with developers and researchers in more than 100 countries. 

Prior to co-founding Emotiv, Le co-founded and ran SASme International, a pioneer in providing short message peer-to-peer (SMPP) platforms to telecommunication carriers and content aggregators, with branches in Asia and Europe. Le was part of negotiating a successful merger for SASme in 2003. 

Le was recently named a National Geographic Emerging Explorer in 2013, and has been a recipient of numerous awards, including the Advance Global Australian Award for ICT in 2012, as well as the AutoVision Innovations Award and Monash University Distinguished Alumni Award in 2011. She has been featured in the Who's Who in Australia list since 1999, and has been honored by the World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leader since 2009. Le made Fast Company's list of the Most Influential Women in Technology in 2010, and Forbes' 50 Names You Need to Know in 2011. Named Young Australian of the Year in 1998, her story was featured in the National Museum of Australia. Le has also been an ambassador for the status of women since 2001.

Katie Linendoll

Katie Linendoll
Media Personality 

Katie Linendoll is a global technology consultant, writer, and one of the most in-demand technology experts in the country. Katie's presentations focus on innovations in technology, where she shares custom animation and media clips from her many adventures, such as jetpacking across the Pacific Ocean and spearfishing 120 feet under the Bermuda triangle, and she often uses technology that is not yet on the market. Informative, entertaining, insightful, and funny, Katie demonstrates to audiences how technology is changing the way we live, work, and think. Katie not only reveals new breakthrough technologies, but also gives a behind-the-scenes glimpse of how a story in the media is crafted. 

Katie is a frequent contributor to the Today show, and recently shot a series on innovative technology for The Huffington Post. Whether she’s hosting a session on stage in front of thousands for IBM in Las Vegas, emceeing a panel with Cadillac executives at CES, opening for Lady Gaga, or even speaking at her alma mater, the Rochester Institute of Technology, Katie Linendoll loves sharing her energy and expertise about innovations in technology with audiences across the nation. 


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